Continuous feedback addressed through learning and development apps can offer training programs and quick learning courses to efficiently get your employees contributing toward corporate objectives. Further efficiencies can be gained by having this L&D inside your performance management system, where employee development programs can more easily and accurately be customized and personalized.

The following whitepaper proposes how to:

  • Align learning and development programs with talent and corporate performance management processes, a best practice supported by findings from leading analyst firms and talent industry specialists.
  • Offer a flexible and expandable library of learning content that empowers your self-directed learners to thrive, develop skills and contribute to organizational goals.
  • Apply learning and development achievements toward rapidly shifting organizational skill requirements and succession planning needs.
  • Create an ideal environment for self-directed learners, where HR and Learning Departments can still prescribe training courses and development opportunities in a continuous feedback loop that supports mobile and distributed workforces.